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TrickGenius Frequently Asked Questions

How can i go back to the old version of the app?

Sorry, Apple and Google are not allowing us to keep multiple versions of the app online, their system(s) do not allow users to go back to former versions of apps. We would allow that if we could! We can/could not keep the old app and release another one because the old app would stop working very soon. It already has bugs that would need to be addressed, but we can not as it would require a complete redesign of the app to be able to update it to the app store (google/apple does not allow us to just update, we would have to redo everything to make it fully compatible with latest versions of OS and devices), which would require a huge budget.

What about my old packages?

Most important is that you restore your purchases in the new app, that way our server, which is now finally in control of purchases, knows that you have purchased a package before. You will have full premium access at the beginning, until we have restored the old app's content in our new app. Once that's done, we'll limit your access to the content you have paid for and you are welcome to upgrade your access to newly created content or new features with a subscription.

Why does the new app have a mandatory sign up and log in?

- The new sign in makes it possible for you to use the app on multiple devices (mobile, tablets, desktops) and have all the content on each device! - We are now able to manage your account on our servers, which gives us the possibility to really help you with our genius feature which will be strongly improved over the coming weeks, months and years. - There will be enhanced offline features, please stay tuned for updates!

I do not want the new TrickGenius version!

Sorry to hear that. Please understand that we have/had no other option from our side. Please see the positive: 1. you have the chance to access a huge amount of extra content and functions. Please give the new app a chance! 3. there will be new and awesome features coming up - stay tuned for true on demand video coaching, coaching comunity and many more NOTE: Please understand that Google/Apple is not allowing us to keep old versions, the old app would have stopped working with download servers going offline soon and new iOS versions making it stop working.

The old app was working fully offline, why does the new app require an internet connection?

It doesn't require a connection all the time. Once you are logged in, the app starts saving stuff to your phone for it to work offline too... The new app has a LOT more content, which would be too much to be all saved on your phone. For that reason, you are now able to save training features one by one by going to a move > online training > Store on device. Yes right now you'll need to download each feature one by one, we will add storing of your full INPROGRESS list and also move by move storing in an upcoming release, don't worry! Also the COMPLETED and INPROGRESS lists are not working in offline mode right now, since we have multiple platforms accessing a database now. Syncronizing all with offline changes is not super easy, but will be one of our upcoming features!! So - even though not all works offline right now, there is offline functionality and we are going to improve it in the coming months a LOT!

Why is the app only available in Enlgish and not German as the old one?

We are still developing, so translations were not completed yet. German translation is coming soon!

I had a previous package but could not convert it to the new app yet!

We are just releasing a new version - please try there. Alternatively, please go to the MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > OTHER and click RESTORE there. Please make sure you use the ID (apple or google ID) you purchased the packages with in the old app!

Converting from Android to iOS and vice versa

For all of you who looked for a way to convert your package purchases in the old app from iOS to Android or the other way around, finally the solution is here! 1. Please log in to the app on a device with the Apple/Google ID you had purchased the packages with. 2. proceed and restore by clicking YES > RESTORE 3. you should get a success message with the subscription time in the new app. 4. install and log into Trickgenius on your new device, or on the website --> your access will be available on all devices through your account!

Am i charged automatically if i do not cancel my subscription on time?

No, all our subscriptions are to be renewed manually. You will receive a notice email that your subscription will expire soon and some reminders that if you would like to keep on using TrickGenius fully, you'll have to renew your subscription on the website (*recommended!) or in the mobile app.
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