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Tricktionary 3 Windsurf book and Tricktionary app version 2.7

​The brand new and long awaited Windsurfing Tricktionary 3 book is finished and available finally.

On 480 pages the book offers a huge amount of tips and tricks for every level, to learn to windsurf and improve existing skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more information about the Tricktionary 3 book, click HERE

The Tricktionary app works perfectly with the book!

​So I have delayed any further app updates for a while now, you may have seen that - sorry for slow upgrading of content and features, but i had to focus 100% on the book to finally get it finished after 3 years!

Now just last week finally the App update version 2.7 is out, bringing the first of several new upcoming features:

Restored packages always accessible

  • Users who have restored old packages can now always access the content of the old app.
  • New content requires a Premium subscription.
  • Will do another post dedicated to restoring and why we have to handle it the way we do, trust me we do our best to make it good for everybody!

German language

  • Long awaited most of the App base is now translated to German.
  • More translations and Full Tutorials translation to German coming soon step by step.
  • More languages coming!

QR Code scanner

  • In beta stage for now, get it by clicking MENU>SCAN
  • Scan QRs that you find in the Tricktionary 3 windsurf book on all subcategories to directly open them in the app!
Tricktionary mobile app version 2.6.0