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Tricktionary mobile app version 2.6.0

Tricktionary mobile app version 2.6.0

New Tricktionary app update is out! I am super happy to introduce TACK FLIP and finally FULL HD videos! I think TACK FLIP is super important and a very cool brand new feature that helps a lot when learning tricks!! Check it out and let us know through the feedback form in the app and/or feedback through the app store what you think!

NOTE: If you never used the Tricktionary app, get it by going to www.trickgenius.com, or searching for it in the app store (android, ios)!

Whats new in 2.6.0

  • FULL HD video support: WOW yeah videos look so much better, more crisp, more detailed!
  • The all new awesome Tricktionary FLIP feature: FLIP any video or photo!
  • New offline storing engine!
  • Tablet optimisations: finally full screen video and photos, as well as some UI optimisations
  • upgraded the restore module - if you previously had problems, please try again with the new version.

Whats coming next

  • Adding more offline storing possibilities for all features of moves and all features on INPROGRESS list - get ready by already putting all the moves you are currently working on onto your INPROGRESS list!
  • adding BEACH MODE for offline use ;)
  • more content
  • more languages
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