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Tricktionary mobile app version 2.5.9

Tricktionary mobile app version 2.5.9

NOTE: You may experience frequent "DB UPDATE" popups right now - we are adding old app's content step by step, Please be patient ;)

@All who had packages in the old app: Please restore, if you have problems restoring, try again and report through the feedback function. Restoring will give you full premium access, which will be active until old app's content is fully restored.

​Whats new in 2.5.9

  • fixed some bugs for restoring previous packages. If you have not restored yet, please try again, if it still fails, please contact us.
  • since lots of step by step galleries were uploaded, we enhanced the gallery view and text display.
  • new database update module (please understand, we need an online connection to keep on updating and working on the database!)

Whats coming next

  • Adding more offline storing possibilities for all features of moves and all features on INPROGRESS list - get ready by already putting all the moves you are currently working on onto your INPROGRESS list!
  • fixing offline storing of some thumbnails which seem to be missing when offline right now.
  • adding BEACH MODE for offline use ;)
  • improved training gallery features.
  • more content!
  • more languages!
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Tricktionary mobile app version 2.6.0

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