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Similarities between moves - Grubby-Eslider-Lollypop

Similarities between moves - Grubby-Eslider-Lollypop

TrickGenius angle future feature
Not yet added but a soon to come feature will be that we offer multiple angles and many more other attributes for each move. The following video will show you how important this can be for certain movemements, to see them from another perspective.

3 Tricks in one go to compare
Check out the video with all 3 moves and a quick intro for each right here. The images are linked to the TrickGenius website, feel free to click and view the move as well as it's full tutorial and slowmo clips in detail.

One more trial
Since we are still in Beta testing phase, if your TrickGenius beta access expired and you can not view the clips anymore, feel free to use the coupon code "onemoretrial2016" for one more month of free access.

​Pulling the clew very close at the first half of the rotation, see how extremely extended my sail arm is while sliding backwards!

You can get around a Grubby somehow without the clew first backwinding part if you rotate quick enough, however for an Eslider, it's absolutely necessary to really push out that clew/sail hand and extend the clew into the wind, waiting for the board to have finished rotating before following up with the rig.

After steering the board downwind, sometimes you can stop for a second and stabilize, before finishing the sail rotation, again clew first backwinding the sail, finishing the board rotation and then follow with the sail.

​More info and constant updates at trickgenius.com

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